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Clergy Toolkit for the Land of Opportunity

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March 2, 2012

In 2011, PICO faith leaders from across the country launched A Prophetic Clergy Call to Action, an urgent invitation for clergy to address economic and racial injustice and work to restore the United States as a “Land of Opportunity” for all. A team of clergy leaders crafted the call after hearing the link between the state of the economy and the issues facing their congregations.

This toolkit is designed to assist clergy and faith leaders who have made the commitment to bring this prophetic call to action to their congregations. In the toolkit, you'll find resources for developing sermons, scripture and sacred text reflections, lesson plans, public remarks, and other presentation materials on the themes related to PICO’s “Land of Opportunity” narrative during 2012. 

In this toolkit:

  • Statements and resources from denominations, religious bodies, and organizations on the economic crisis and economic justice;
  • News articles that offer analysis of the economic crisis;
  • Sacred text studies drawn from various sources, with an emphasis on the image of the land as a metaphor for God’s gift of life;
  • Sermon illustrations that tell stories of people and families affected by the economic crisis;

We believe the American faith community has a pivotal role to play in healing our nation and restoring people’s confidence in a responsive government that promotes opportunity for all. Inspired by our faith, we seek to unify people to reduce poverty and increase economic and racial equality. Together, we can challenge our elected leaders to put first the needs of families and the common good of our nation.