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Push the Super Committee to deliver "Jobs, not Cuts!"

Training & Strategy

October 6, 2011

Over the next few weeks, the 12 members of the “Super Committee” will make big decisions about the future of our economy.  It’s critical that they – and all members of Congress – hear from the American people soon. Below are some resources for congregations and communities to use to tell our elected officials to create jobs, raise revenues and protect the social safety net.

Super Committee Briefing – Download these 20 slides from a recent briefing held by PICO and partners on what the Super Committee is, how it works and what’s at stake.

Messaging Memo – Get background and messaging points for writing strong letters and conducting effective meetings with your member of Congress.

Sample Letter – Use this sample letter to your member of Congress as a starting point for crafting your own letter.

Report: “Wall Street and the Super Committee – the $41 Million Question” – This 23-page report looks into how Wall Street contributors have poured millions of dollars into the political campaigns of the 12 members of the Super Committee. Will the Super Committee do what it takes to raise the revenue necessary – or will they bow to the strong influence of their Wall Street backers?