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Technology Tools: What They Are, What They Do, Where to Get Them

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June 1, 2007 | Download Document

From Community Technology Foundation of CA, Policy Link

A core set of technology tools are at the heart of successful e-advocacy campaigns. These include databases for storing contact information and data about audiences and supporters; websites and content management systems for presenting information and updating it on a regular basis; email tools for conducting outreach communications to online audiences; and a variety of supplementary technology tools that facilitate different ways of engaging supporters to put pressure on decision makers.

This section describes each of these technology components:

  • Website: Provides suggestions for content sections on an advocacy website and tools to create an effective online presence.
  • Email: Gives pointers for contacting audiences through email newsletters and action alerts and for designing email messages.
  • Creating Engaging Content for a Website: Describes blogs, online video and FlashTM animation, and podcasting.
  • Tools to Connect to Audiences and Enable Supporter Action: Details the many technology tools that are used to inform supporters and mobilize action.
  • Technology Tools and Strategic Service Providers: Describes various industry providers of technology tools and services and highlights some of their key differences.