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Faith leaders congratulate DREAMers and applaud President Obama

PICO National Network

June 15, 2012


June 15, 2012
Contact: Gordon Whitman, PICO Policy Director, gwhitman@piconetwork.org, 202-427-2992

Faith leaders congratulate DREAMers and applaud President Obama for his moral leadership in protecting immigrant youth from detention and deportation

PICO National Network issued the following statement today:

Washington, DC - PICO National Network congratulates United We Dream and the immigrant youth movement for winning administrative relief for all DREAM Act eligible youth. As faith leaders who believe in the paramount importance of protecting our young people, PICO applauds President Obama for his moral leadership in using the legal authority of his office to provide temporary legal status and work permits to young people who are our nation’s future.

This common sense policy will allow as many as 800,000 youth to come out from the shadows. It will allow them to walk the streets without fear of detention and deportation and get the education they need to better their lives and communities.

“This victory represents the power of those who fight and believe in justice across our country. I am still in disbelief that I will be able to leave my house without the fear of being deported to a country I left at the age of 7. Today is a major milestone on the path to getting full citizenship for me and my family,” said Cesiah Guadarrama, 17, a youth leader with United We Dream, Together Colorado, and PICO National Network.

Today’s announcement sends a strong message that the United States is truly on the path to creating a just and humane immigration system that values family unity and the contributions of immigrants to our nation. We urge the Administration to continue to look for the ways to use its authority to protect immigrant families. And we implore all of our elected officials to turn their back on anti-immigrant laws and rhetoric. PICO reaffirms its commitment to support the DREAM movement and the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.


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