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Trayvon Martin was our son…and he didn’t deserve to die.

March 24, 2012

PICO National Network, PICO United Florida


March 24, 2012

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PICO United Florida and PICO National Network Clergy Statement on the Trayvon Martin Case

Trayvon Martin was our son…and he didn’t deserve to die. When he was shot dead a month ago his grieving parents sought answers and justice for Trayvon - and they got neither. As a result, they and many across the nation – from the White House to houses of worship, are now outraged.

As faith leaders, we are outraged that the killer showed so little regard for Trayvon’s life that he took it needlessly and senselessly. We are outraged that local law enforcement officers failed to act justly and expeditiously. We are outraged at the lax gun laws and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law that continue to permit the careless taking of human life. And we are outraged that Black and Brown men and boys continue to be murdered everyday on America’s streets, while local enforcement officers shrug their shoulders and turn the other cheek.

We have had enough! We demand justice for Trayvon! Our moral outrage is predicated on our American experience, that whenever justice is delayed it is ultimately denied. The wait has been long enough. We demand the immediate arrest and indictment of Mr. Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. His arrest and indictment would be a significant step in winning justice for Trayvon. Further, we appreciate the decisions of Governor Scott to appoint a new prosecutor to carry the investigation forward and to convene a special task force to reexamine the laws in place that contributed to this tragedy.

We ask President Obama and the United States Department of Justice to carefully scrutinize this case and to work together with local government officials to ensure that justice is obtained for Trayvon and his family. And we are calling on all people of faith here and around the world to stand in solidarity with us and demand justice.

In the upcoming days, weeks and months, we will grieve the loss of our son. Our heavy hearts will have to heal and we will need God’s help through this healing process. Let us start now by demanding justice, working for justice, and living for justice. Let us go forward from here with a new dedication to build the just community - the community of fellowship and love -  and a world that will be eminently safer for our children.  


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