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Congregations work to prevent foreclosure scams in Bakersfield

October 17, 2009

Faith in Action Kern County

On Thursday, October 15, faith leaders from Emmanuel Lutheran Church - a member of Faith in Action Kern County in Bakersfield, CA - hosted over 230 community members for a town hall meeting with local and federal officials to inform the hard hit community about the growing number of foreclosure scams as well as how they can benefit from the federal Making Home Affordable Program.

Faith In Action Kern County partnered with banks, non-profits, housing counselors, federal housing & banking offices, and the local police and sheriff departments to conduct the event.  Participants included:

  • Darryl Rutherford, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 
  • Alex Sasayama, Consultant- Neighborworks America
  • Katie Hudson, Consumer Credit Consumer Counseling Services of Kern and Tulare Counties 
  • James Luu, HUD Office of the Inspector General 
  • Roy Durnal, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 
  • Ray McKowan, Federal Trade Commission 
  • Frank Woolridge, Bakersfield Police Department
  • Stephen Pederson, Kern County Sheriff Department
  • Lance Gordon Isen, Kern County District Attorney's Office
  • and Warren Harris, Fannie Mae

The following day, spurred on by the previous evening's town hall meeting, a dozen local and federal agencies gathered for a meeting to create a foreclosure prevention and mitigation task force.  Working together with government partners, Faith in Action will continue to help keep families in their homes and prevent avoidable foreclosures.


The event was filmed by Bright House Network and will be replayed in Bakersfield over the coming weeks.

For more information about Faith in Action, visit www.faithinactionkerncounty.org.