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Florida congregations organize after Tropical Storm Fay

August 27, 2008

Congregations for Community Action (CCA)

On August 25, over 150 residents from Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida, gathered at Mt Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, a member of PICO affiliate Congregations for Community Action (CCA), to hear from public officials and emergency assistance officials and share concerns about issues in their community due to the flooding from Tropical Storm Fay.

Pastor Harvey Riley and other CCA clergy and community leaders planned and executed an emergency meeting for residents who have been and are still being affected by the recent flooding. Officials present include John Mazziotti, Mayor of Palm Bay; Jim Proce, Director of Palm Bay Public Works; Rob Rains, President of United Way; Melinda Thomas, Melbourne Housing and Community Development; and H.L Melvin, Regional Director of Department of Children and Families. The Director of Brevard County Emergency Management, Bob Lay, updated the community on the current status of emergency response, both in regards to immediate assistance such as food, water, shelter, and long term assistance from FEMA for home repairs.