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New Orleans School Board agrees to far-reaching reform proposal

December 14, 2004

All Congregations Together (ACT) won commitments from all seven members of the new school board in New Orleans to support a comprehensive plan to improve student achievement in a system that ranks among the worst in the United States. ACT hosted nine community forums in each neighborhood in the city to build civic and political support for a 10-point strategy focused on student literacy, individualized learning plans and teacher training and evaluation. The result was an increased interest in the historically low turn-out race by community members throughout New Orleans. Five out of seven board members have been replaced. ACT has received written commitments from each member to support its "People Platform", created by the community. The organization is positioning itself to press for long-term change in how the New Orleans education system functions. For more information contact Mary Fontenot at marynina4909@hotmail.com.

As of June 27, 2007 All Congregations Together (ACT) is no longer affiliated with PICO National Network.