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Advocating for Health Care: On the Air and On the Ground

May 21, 2009 | Faith in Public Life Blog

PICO National Network

It's been an exciting morning here at FPL. Today we helped launch a paid media and advocacy campaign calling on Congress to move health care reform forward and make quality health care truly affordable for every American family.

Ads running on Christian radio feature local clergy in key states--Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri and Nebraska-- complement hundreds of events in local congregations across the country, including public meetings with Members of Congress, and other local and national lobbying efforts.

This new effort combines the media experience of national groups like Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Sojourners and FPL (if we do say so ourselves!) with the on-the-ground people power of congregation-based community organizing groups like PICO National Network and Gamaliel.

FPL was excited to co-sponsor this campaign, as it represents a big step forward in our mission to help develop media and organizing infrastructure for justice-and compassion- centered faith movements, as well as a new contribution on a key moral issue.

Faithful America has text and audio of the ads.