Issues & Results

Rural America

In rural areas of Alabama, New Mexico, Vermont, Colorado and California, PICO organizations are bringing resources for infrastructure investment, economic development, housing, health care and other critical need to long-neglected communities.

Here's how PICO is working in rural America:

Infrastructure & Roads

Baldwin County ACT in Alabama won a five-fold increase in county infrastructure investment in rural dirt road paving and drainage ditch clearing, shifting priorities to rural roads with larger populations and in the black community, rather than roads dear to land speculators and subdivision developers. In 2008, ACT won passage of a county policy that sets clear criteria for determining the priority of roads for paving.

Farm Worker Housing

Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) has worked with farm worker families in Coachella Valley, California since 1999 to address some of the most critical housing conditions in the United States. As a result of new forgivable loan products for both tenants and property owners hundreds of tenant families have been able to buy new manufactured homes and seventeen mobile home parks have been renovated.