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Let My People VOTE!

This fall we did the sacred work of reminding our fellow Americans that as children of God, every single one of us matters.  Let My People VOTE is the work of voting for each other and for the ones we love. 

We know that the election season can be corrosive and divisive when focused on tearing people down - when candidates and the media pursue the path of least resistance. Yet what continually gives us hope is the way that we in PICO engaged in this election with a very different focus on healing—healing our people, our communities and our democracy. We focused our work not on candidates, but on agendas of family unity and the freedom to live with dignity in America, declaring that Black and Brown lives matter and ensuring that we live up to the promise of our democracy.

This year we made a conscious choice to focus our election work on reaching out to people of color and to white working families who are typically left out of mid-term elections to say “Your lives matter. Your voices matter. Your VOTES matter!” We had the privilege together of listening to the stories of over a half a million Americans on the phone and at their doors, delivering a message of inclusion and hope.

We have so much to be proud of.