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Campaign for Citizenship

WHO WE ARE: The Campaign for Citizenship represents Americans of faith and aspiring Americans who believe that full citizenship rights for 11 million aspiring Americans is the only response to our broken patchwork of immigration laws consistent with the American values of freedom, fairness and family.

We are a community of people devout in our own faith traditions who also celebrate the pluralistic nature of our country. We believe in the inherent dignity of the human person, and we practice welcoming the stranger and protecting the poor and marginalized. As people of faith, we believe that every human being has sacred worth and is created in the image of God, which demands that we view people as people—not as workers, commodities or criminals.

WHAT WE WANT: A legislative solution to what the president refers to as our “broken immigration system,” must include a roadmap to citizenship, ensuring that the 11 million aspiring Americans who already live, work, raise their families and pay their taxes in the United States can become American citizens.

Not only is citizenship legislation consistent with American history—we are a nation of immigrants—but it is the only solution that recognizes the inherent dignity and rights of all human persons, by refusing to commoditize or criminalize men, women and children. It is morally unacceptable that millions of immigrant families -- people who are committed to the country -- work hard and pay their taxes but live in fear of separation, vulnerable to abuse, and unable to fully live out their God-given gifts.

OUR GOAL: We demand full citizenship for all Americans regardless of race, income or immigration status. President Obama and Congress should move immediately to make citizenship legislation a top priority for 2013 and to make citizenship for all Americans the focus of that legislation.

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Learn about PICO's Campaign for Citizenship, and the call of people of faith for a swift, fair and direct path to citizenship for our neighbors and friends.

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