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Bringing Health Reform Home

PICO took up the fight for national health reform because of the profound health care disparities that exist in the communities we organize.

Covering uninsured families is just one part of a much bigger challenge of improving the health of low and moderate-income families and communities.  We know that only when people have power can they create communities that are healthy. For PICO the promise of health reform is that it provides new tools and resources to help break the cycle of poverty and create better life opportunities for lower-income families.

Now we need to bring the benefits of health reform back to our families and communities.

Our PICO membership joined the fight to pass federal health care legislation because we shared a common desire to see reform make life better for our own families, friends and communities. Our continued engagement will be important to defending reform against powerful special interests that will try to water it down and to successfully implementing reform in our own communities over the next four years.

Join our campaign to Bring Health Reform Home to our
families and communities