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Prophetic Resistance Sabbath Toolkit

The Prophetic Resistance Sabbath is an outgrowth of a remarkable conversation that unfolded among 700 grassroots, movement and faith leaders in Modesto, CAin February of this year.   Three days of dialogue spent examining the structures that promote racial and economic exclusion to support corporate profit - and their harmful impact on families and communities - resulted in a shared commitment to work together across race and class and issue-campaigns to confront a narrative and a set of policies that seek to demonize and divide us.   The document which synthesized our conversations in Modesto about racism, immigration, work, housing and the environment - the Message from Modesto - called for solidarity among grassroots organizers and challenged faith leaders to “show up” in new ways in this moment to publicly challenge the narrative being used to scapegoat and punish excluded groups and to accompany organizing initiatives that are mobilizing for structural changes that recognize and support the dignity of all of God’s children.   Those gathered in Modesto called for a Week of Action from May 1-7 to unleash a wave of public witness to promote policies that protect and defend families, to be capped off by a Prophetic Resistance Sabbath from May 5-7

We have organized the materials below into 3 sections:   Pray, Preach/Teach , Act .

Year of Encounter with Pope Francis

In the life of Pope Francis, we see the journey of faith beginning with the simple act of people going out to meet each other, where they are. He calls this “encounter,” and says that because we experience God’s love there, it has the power to heal and transform. It can even break down the walls that keep us apart and transform the systems that exclude many people from the resources and relationships they need in order to thrive.

In his writing and in his pastoral visits, Pope Francis invites us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus: to include or “encounter” one another, especially those of us that society typically ignores, undervalues or “excludes”.  Most of us don’t do this very often: open ourselves up to people different from ourselves, to hear their stories and share our own.  

Our challenge to ourselves and to our community is to then take the next step: from seeing all people as part of God’s family, to acting together to bring about a world that respects everyone’s dignity.

Join us in this Year of Encounter!

Click here to get a 6-session study guide to both challenge and encourage you, your family, and friends as you seek to encounter and be transformed by your community across race, faith, gender, and economic class. While the faith reflections are written from a Catholic tradition, the values, studies, and tools for encounter we hope you will find to be applicable to many of our diverse traditions, families and communities. 

Click here to get the Year of Encounter 6-week Study Guide

Stand with Black Women and Girls

Standing with Black Women and Girls is not an option – it is an obligation and sacred opportunity. It is a community priority, a human rights issue, a litmus test of the theological integrity of our communities of faith. Join this faith-filled, public education campaign to prioritize the well-being of Black women and girls through liturgy, advocacy for equitable public policy, and digital engagement, engaging your congregation and community with the #StandWithBWG toolkit today.

Download the toolkit today >>