May 1-7: Week of Prophetic Resistance

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Though the current Administration seeks to divide and conquer – vilifying races and faiths, pursuing policies every single day that jeopardize the welfare of our families - we know that, as sisters and brothers, we are one people with one fight to create a future that works for all of our families. Because el pueblo unido, hamas sera vencido!

Join us in a nation-wide Week of Prophetic Resistance May 1-7 as we stand together across the immigrant, economic and racial justice movements, to organize and resist with our bodies, our prayers, and our money.

Take action by joining a strike or boycott in your community, lead a Prophetic Resistance Sabbath in your congregation, or raise your voice with us on social media. Together, we can ensure that no one stands alone.


Across the country, people will join in a general strike - we will not go to work, to school, or spend money - to show that our communities make this country what it is. We are workers, students, teachers, laborers, and consumers


  • Join with others and hit the streets, large public actions that tie our movements together.
  • No going to work, school, or purchasing anything in support of the strike.
  • Set up a strike fund at your congregation to support those who are not going to work.
  • Plan a local action with allies to focus on elected officials on appropriations committee and/or march with others
  • #No1StandsAlone on May 1st a day for all of our communities being attacked to stand together
  • Lift up the stories of local leaders using the #No1StandsAlone
  • Host “talleres” for students to explain their role in May 1st


On May 2, we will boycott Wells Fargo by:

  • Taking our personal and organizational money out of Wells Fargo and investing it in local credit unions and small banks
  • Support Standing Rock by asking our cities to divest from Wells Fargo as well
  • Tweeting and posting about the movement to boycott Wells Fargo  


  • Because they invest $467 million in the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock - $120 million directly to DAPL
  • Because they help private prisons: Core Civic (formerly CCA) has a $132 million line of revolving credit and $14.3 million in term loan, plus they hold over 704,500 shares in Core Civic
  • Because they mistreat their own employees, firing 5,300 employees after 2 million fake bank accounts were created by staff at the pressure of management, collecting over $400k in fees


For over three years, farmworkers and consumers have been demanding that Wendy’s join its major competitors – Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King – in participating in the Fair Food Program. Yet, Wendy's has instead consciously and shamefully opted to profit from farmworker poverty and abuse, continuing to cling to the low-bar standards of the past when presented with an acclaimed and proven alternative. 

Rather than participate in what was called the "best workplace-monitoring program” in the U.S. in the New York Times, Wendy's ran from responsibility and abandoned the Florida tomato industry altogether. 

In response to increasing pressure from consumers to join the Fair Food Program, Wendy's released a new code of conduct for its suppliers, a perfect example of the failed, widely-discredited approach to corporate social responsibility that is completely void of effective enforcement mechanisms to protect farmworkers’ human rights.

That's why, on May 3, we will be boycotting Wendy's in support of the Alliance for Fair Food by:

  • Hosting a vigil at a local Wendy’s calling on them to join the Fair Food Program
  • Committing to a 24-hour fast in solidarity with students at over a dozen universities, who for the past few weeks have embarked on a national "rolling fast" to cut Ohio State University's on-campus Wendy's lease
  • Encouraging clergy to call for farmworker justice from Wendy's by penning public statements or op/eds of support
  • Hand delivering letters from clergy to a local Wendy's, calling for the fast food holdout to end its anti-worker practices
  • Be creative with how you engage local Wendy’s franchises!
  • Post on social media about your actions using the #BoycottWendys hashtag, and email a photos and reports to organize@allianceforfairfood.org
  • Encourage fellow consumers to boycott Wendy's until they join the Fair Food Program!


Nearly 2 out of 3 Americans (197.4 million people) live within 100 miles of the US land and coastal borders, according to 2007 from the US Census Bureau.

As the over-militarization of our borders increases, putting our families in jeopardy, join us in making our voices and values heard along our nation's borders. To find our more about the border actions and how you can get involved, email Eddie Carmona at ecarmona@piconetwork.org.


Identify a local business who stand against our families and:

  • Launch a social media boycott of that business
  • Let the community know what they have done
  • Create a local digital campaign and potential on the ground campaign to focus your efforts on that business Link what they are doing/saying/practicing that is agains our values.
  • #No1StandsAlone


Clergy, leaders, organizers and allies working for immigrant rights, racial justice and a moral economy – including many who participated in the recent US World Meeting of Popular Movements in Modesto – have been planning actions: A general strike, targeted actions against corporate targets promoting an “economy of exclusion”, and vigils along the US-Mexico border will unfold across the country to push back on a narrative and a set of policies that would seek to divide, demonize and exploit. 

They have asked that the week of mobilization to resist and rebuild be capped off with a weekend of prayer, teaching and preaching about the theological roots of resistance to a dominant culture that values profits over people and uses racism and xenophobia to exclude and exploit – however that is expressed within your own tradition.

You and your congregation are invited and encouraged to participate in this Prophetic Resistance Sabbath the weekend of May 5-7.  You can register HERE to sign up and we will send you a tool-kit with materials that you can use or adapt to guide your preparation.  If you have any questions, please contact Joseph Fleming at jfleming@piconetwork.org.

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