Live Free

The Live Free Campaign is a national movement of the PICO National Network of faith-based organizations and congregations committed to addressing the causes of pervasive violence and crime in our communities. We believe that the mass criminalization and incarceration of people of color, coupled with the lack of meaningful and quality opportunities, have contributed to a state of crisis in our country. Live Free is committed to dismantling the mass-criminalization of people of color by mobilizing the faith community to action using the voices of those closest to the pain in order to build communities where all of God’s children can live free.

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Center for Health Organzing

Americans experience unhealthier lives and die sooner than our global peers – despite the fact that the United States far outspends them on health care. In order to reverse this systemic health crisis, we must expand the scope of the conversation around health to include the myriad socio-economic and environmental factors affecting an individual’s and a community’s health every day. Building a healthy American requires that every person have access to a quality education, living wage jobs, reliable transportation, nutritious food, affordable housing, safe streets, green spaces, democratic governance, and many other everyday requirements. We are committed to addressing the myriad factors that contribute to healthy communities.

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Down Payment for American Families

For America to be strong and vibrant, all families – including those that have been so often discounted, dispossessed and disenfranchised – need to be able to thrive not just barely survive.

Our agenda is to divest public money from programs that are tearing families apart through incarceration and detention, and re­invest in initiatives that help families stay united and thrive. This agenda prioritizes the needs of all families, especially those that have been devastated by flawed criminal justice and immigration policies. We are asking the next president and Congress to make a down payment for families in the First 100 days of the next administration.

Women's Theology of Liberation

Women make up over half of those attending our faith institutions and the average Christian in the world today is a woman of African ancestry. * What does it mean to have a movement for faith-based justice when over half of our members are silenced due to the intersecting oppressions of sexism, racism and classism? The leadership of women has been crucial to all major social movements in America from Abolition and Suffrage to the DREAMers and #BlackLivesMatter movements today, If we are serious about winning justice for our families we are going to have to take seriously the leadership of women.

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Civic Participation

Following a presidential election cycle marred by vitriolic and harmful rhetoric, this election exposed deep divides. As people of deep faith, we are uniquely poised to not only help our nation heal, but to serve as a moral compass for the country.

Our faith will not allow us to permit the criminalization of immigrants by conducting mass deportations, or sit idly in the face of racial profiling of African Americans, Latinos and religious minorities.

While it may be tempting to focus on the presidency alone, we should look down ballot. People of faith voted for key ballot initiatives, showing that Americans - even in states that voted for Donald Trump - will vote for measures that give all families a chance to thrive.

Regardless of what happened at the top of the ticket, we are proud of these local wins and are more committed than ever to pushing an agenda that leads to a more inclusive America.

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