Bring Health Reform Home

Bring Health Reform Home is providing easy-to-use education materials, access to opportunities to learn how to improve health care in your community, and resources to share with your family and friends.


On October 1st, 25 million people became eligible for new health insurance plans with subsidies that will make it possible for many families to afford health coverage for the first time.

Sheila Gibson is a 55-year-old cancer survivor from Ohio. Though her body is cancer free, she still struggles with having to spend 85% of her paycheck on health insurance because having cancer is a pre-existing condition. Now that changes. Now, through the new Marketplace, she will be able to purchase the same quality of health care for hundreds of dollars less. She will no longer be working solely for health coverage.

Now you can sign up for affordable insurance too: Click here to find the new options available to you through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

PICO communities and congregations have been working for over a decade to win affordable and accessible health care for all people, bringing the voice of low-income families into the heart of the health care reform debate. Now it’s time for us to Bring Health Reform Home to our communities.

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We know that not everyone agrees with everything in the Affordable Care Act and that this is just the beginning - in some states we will need to continue our efforts to expand Medicaid, ensuring that all families are able to see a doctor when they need to, at a cost they can afford.

But this is not about politics or politicians, this is about making sure that our families get what they need to stay healthy.

Let’s get our communities covered!


Elianne Farhat
Lead Organizer, Center for Health Organizing
PICO National Network



PICO took up the fight for national health reform because of the profound health care disparities that exist in the communities we organize. Many families don’t have access to a doctor, are worried about the cost of care, and are suffering from health conditions that lower their quality of life and even cause early death.

We believe that everyone should be able to see a doctor when they need, at a cost they can afford. 

Health reform is an opportunity to work together and use the resources of the law to create health equity and make life better for our families, friends and communities. And we’re starting now.



The new law brings historic changes to our nation’s health care system in 3 major categories:

(1) The law provides near universal coverage through Medicaid expansion and Exchange subsidies

(2) The law regulates insurance companies to protect families from rising premiums and denial of coverage

(3) The law improves community health and the quality of care by incentivizing healthcare providers to focus on preventative care and coordination.

Together, these changes increase families’ access to and quality of care, improve health outcomes and begin to control rising costs. 



Bring Health Reform Home is a multi-faceted campaign in Camden, Trenton, Newark, Allentown, Brooklyn, New Orleans, Kansas City, Denver, Sacramento and San Diego to use the benefits and resources of the law to transform local healthcare systems and create equity for underserved communities.  Clergy and community are taking the lead to educate families about the benefits of the law, and to organize engagement in local, state and federal efforts both to influence implementation and to protect the law from political threat.

FOCUS 1: Healthcare Enrollment and Outreach

  • PICO National Network worked hard to bring the voice of low-income families into the heart of the healthcare reform debate. The campaign and resulting policy were grounded in our common values of healthcare coverage for all, a continued investment in the public good, and building more power and agency for our communities to act. We are launching the enrollment campaign to bring all the benefits of the Affordable Care Act home, while seizing the opportunity to increase civic engagement, and continue to live out our deep belief that we must invest in the public good so that everyone can thrive.
  • Starting October 1st, 2013, 25 million Americans will become eligible for new healthcare coverage. In partnership with health facilities and allied community groups around the country, PICO National Network will work with our federations between now and October 1st to assist in outreach and ensure that the maximum number of people in our congregations and communities are enrolled. Our work will be to channel our networks to our enrollment partners while seizing the easy opportunity to build our base, develop our leaders, build our capacity for civic engagement, register voters and empower our community.
  • Click here to download a copy of our outreach and enrollment toolkit to find out how you can get more involved!


Creating a new standard of good care in communities

Many PICO families live in neighborhood health “hotspots,” where families depend on Medicare and Medicaid, have limited access to primary care, suffer from chronic conditions, and often use emergency rooms as the only source of care. PICO federations are applying the model pioneered by PICO Camden Churches Organized for People and Dr. Jeff Brenner from the Camden Coalition of Health Care Providers to shift Medicaid dollars from high-cost Emergency Room spending to lower-cost primary and preventive care for the families that need it most.

Community driven healthcare transformation centers on 4 main principles:

      (1) Regional collaboration between providers and community

      (2) Data sharing on patient needs, diagnoses and hospital visits

      (3) Changing clinical practice to include home visits and other high-touch levels of care

      (4) Payment reform to reward primary care and care management

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, funded with $10 billion under the new health care law, is prioritizing demonstration projects across the country to incentivize healthcare providers to collectively care for a set of high need patients, under the premise that good care will not only produce better outcomes for communities but will lower healthcare costs.  PICO’s Bring Health Reform Home campaign aims to engage impacted communities in partnering with providers to create patient-centered medical homes and define community health priorities, in order to make local healthcare systems truly accountable to the families they serve.



Medicaid Matters Across Generations

Congressional plans to balance the budget with massive Medicaid cuts or privatized Medicare are a huge threat to families already enrolled in these programs or counting on the 2014 expansion. PICO is working in three ways to protect families:

  1. Mobilize families to urge Members of Congress to focus on job creation and new revenue from corporations and billionaires who are not paying their fair share
  2. Engage federal and state legislators in strengthening Medicare and Medicaid by investing in primary care and care management to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations
  3. Press the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to invest in community-driven strategies for primary and preventative safety-net care for better health outcomes while lowering costs.


Healthcare Enrollment and Outreach Webinar

The people of PICO worked tirelessly to shape health reform for working families. Now is the time reap the harvest! Starting October 1st 2013, 25 million of our community members will become eligible for free or low cost healthcare for the first time in their lives – now is the time to enroll! Join PICO's webinar to learn about how you're congregation can get involved with enrollment and outreach. You'll get an overview of the Affordable Care Act, how enrollment works and what steps you can take now to be ready.
Time: 12:00 noon PT| 1:00 pm MT | 2:00 pm CT| 3:00 pm ET
Date: Tuesday, July 30th

For more information contact Paul Marincel at pmarincel@isaiahmn.org


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