Take Action

Take the Faithful Banking Pledge

Other Resources:

Check out resources from your denomination on faithful banking & investing
Many religious denominations encourage its members to engage in socially responsible investing and banking, or otherwise practice good economic and financial stewardship. Click here to learn more.

See what clergy have done so far
Check out some media coverage of clergy efforts to date to move money, including an interview of Rev. Ryan Bell from Hollywood Adventist Church on Interfaith Voices radio.  Click here to learn more.

Begin the process of switching accounts
Find a better bank, and learn more about the steps you need to take to switch accounts, by clicking here.

Send a letter to your big bank CEO explaining why you are moving your money
We want the big banks to change their policies and practices, so it is important to communicate your dissatisfaction directly to the banks' leadership. Click here for a sample letter.

Encourage your friends & colleagues to join you
It will take many of us to get the big banks to change. Reach out to colleagues and invite them to be a part of this effort.

Go public about your decision
If you have other clergy, congregations, etc. who want to join you in moving their money, then consider issuing a press release or holding a press conference or other public event this spring.  Contact a PICO representative to learn more.