About PICO

Leadership Training

"There's a sense of power and know how in PICO. Now, we know how to deal with the issues, as opposed to waiting for city hall to give us an answer, the mayor, the governor to give us an answer. We create the answer and give it to them to make it happen.

People have a sense of being empowered, a sense that now I can have some control over my destiny and not have my destiny handed to me."

-- Rev. Heyward Wiggins, Camden Churches Organized for People, NJ

PICO helps equip community leaders with the skills they need to reach out into their neighborhoods, identify common concerns, research possible solutions, and work with public officials and private businesses to put those solutions into effect.

At a national level PICO sponsors National Leadership Development Seminars four times each year. This intensive 6-day seminar provides leaders with an in-depth review of the theory and practice of congregation-based organizing. Each year PICO also offers a National Leadership Development Seminar in Spanish.

Local PICO federations provide leadership training for neighborhood residents and congregation members throughout the year using interactive and experiential adult education tools. Leaders learn how to build and sustain strong organizations, research and analyze community issues, develop budgets, plan for their communities and work with public officials to implement changes in public policy.