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MICAH Champions Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign

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September 21, 2010

The Micah Project

With tears streaming down her face, MICAH leader Chennell Barnes courageously told her story as a survivor of domestic violence proclaiming, "No child should have to hide under the porch to be safe."

In late August over 100 MICAH leaders from Community Missionary Baptist Church hosted an action gaining commitments for an anti-domestic campaign in their community.  Rev. Robert Tanner, Jr. led the action as MICAH secured commitments from Councilman Gregg Carroll of Kenner, LA, and Arleeta Terrell, Director of Kenner's Economic Development Department, to acquire three "safe haven" houses. The "safe haven" houses are crucial to protecting survivors of domestic violence. In addition Carl Segura from Orleans Parish Court Ordered Anger Management Training for Batters and Wayne Barnes of Metropolitan Center for Battered Women and Children pledged to champion community education to help thwart domestic violence.

The great need for Community Missionary Baptist Church's two-pronged strategy, "Protect and Educate," is highlighted by the grisly fact that the State of Louisiana is ranked number one in the nation for murders of women as a result of domestic violence. Prior to the action, the church participated in a 30-day prayer campaign focusing on domestic violence. Church members and friends prayed daily for an end to domestic violence, pryaing for victims, batterers, community education, systemic change, and greater victim protection. The campaign surfaced more stories of personal experiences with domestic violence. MICAH leader Carolyn Lewis said that the power of the prayer campaign "was a time of healing."