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Tell Congress: Health Care Reform is "Worth the Investment"

Health Care Access

June 22, 2009

PICO National Network

On Friday afternoon, the Chairs of the three House committees responsible for health care jointly released proposed legislation that would guarantee all Americans access to quality, affordable health care coverage.  Read a summary of the legislation >>

While leaders in the House are showing the courage we need in Washington to stand up for everyday Americans struggling with the high cost of health care, leaders in the Senate are beginning to waver.

Last week, some influential Senators proposed cutting costs of legislation by scaling back subsidies and benefits that would help moderate- and middle-income Americans purchase quality coverage. 

But cutting help for families struggling to get coverage is a surefire way to make health reform fail.  To succeed in the eyes of everyday Americans, health reform must make quality health care affordable.

Please call 866-279-5474 TODAY and tell your Representative and Senators:

  • As a person of faith, I believe it is a moral imperative for everyone to have access to affordable health care.
  • For reform to truly succeed for everyday Americans, it must make health care more affordable. Given the high cost of purchasing health coverage, it is important that legislation include adequate subsidies to help families earning up to 400% of the poverty line purchase coverage.
  • We want the Senator/Congressperson to stand up for ordinary Americans, who need more affordable health care options.

According to a recent poll of consumer confidence in the health care system, almost half of those polled worried they would not be able to afford health care in the future. And nearly one out of every four respondents reported that they or a family member delayed seeing a doctor in the past year because of what it might cost.

This is why we need you to call your Representative and Senators TODAY!  Join PICO in making health care affordable for all families.