Lifelines to Healing, Safe Neighborhoods

The Lifelines to Healing Campaign is a national movement of the PICO network of faith-based organizations and congregations committed to addressing the causes of pervasive violence and crime in our communities. We believe that the criminalization and mass incarceration of people of color, coupled with the lack of meaningful and quality opportunities, have contributed to a state of crisis in our country. Lifelines to Healing is committed to advocating for policies and resources that contribute to the healing of our communities.

4 Major Foci of Lifelines:

  1. Violence Prevention – Best Evaluated Strategies (ie Boston Ceasefire)
  2. Mass Incarceration and Re-Entry
  3. Opportunity Creation/Jobs for Formerly Incarcerated
  4. Public Health Framework to Create Policy to Address Violence

Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategy has three parts:

  1. Local Congregations: Organize, support local congregations to advocate for policies and resources that support violence reduction in their communities. Develop and support the capacity of local congregations to advocate for policies and resources that create opportunity for young people of color.
  2. Local and Regional PICO affiliates: Organize and support local and regional PICO affiliates as they advocate for policies and resources that reduce violence in their communities and create opportunities for young people of color.
  3. Partner across sectors: Partner and network across sectors (policy, philanthropy, government, academy, practitioners, faith-based organizations, industry) to amplify issues of youth violence, mass incarceration and lack of meaningful opportunity.

To learn more, visit the Lifelines to Healing website >>