Hunger is not partisan

More than 31 million of our children will go hungry this fall unless Congress reauthorizes the 2015 Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNA) Act, which funds nine essential children’s nutrition programs. Minnesota Congressman John Kline, Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, has the power to protect the CNA from expiration or funding cuts by passing a bill through his committee by July 30, but is holding back. Email Kline today and tell him that all children deserve access to healthy food.

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Year of Encounter

In the life of Pope Francis, we see the journey of faith beginning with the simple act of people going out to meet each other, across lines or faith, race, and class. He calls this "encounter". Join us in 6 weeks of intentional encounter, and check out this 6-session study guide - with faith reflections written from a Catholic tradition, but with values, studies, and tools for encounter applicable to many of our diverse faith traditions, families and communities - helping us to see all people as part of God's family, and acting together to bring about a world that respects the dignity of everyone.